Black clothes. Why they are my favourite.

black clothes are my favourite

Why do I mostly wear black clothes?


If you want to find it out, I will answer this question for you.

People who know me are aware of the fact, that my wardrobe consists mostly of black clothes.
Those of you who don’t know we personally, now you know this too 😉

Why do I mostly wear black clothes?


No, not because of the fact that black reportedly makes you look slimmer.

There’s more that meets the eye.



Let me explain.




1. Clothes don’t define people

First and foremost, I don’t think that clothes tell us who you really are.



What kind of person you are.

What your interests are.

Clothes won’t show your good heart.



Even if you dress very nicely but you are rude, your clothes won’t cover that.


If you have an expensive dress but your personality is awful, people won’t remember your pretty dress. You will be remembered as someone who was not friendly at the party.


If you have an ugly heart, you're ugly
I really don’t care what other people wear. As long as they are good people.



Clothes don’t define you. It’s only clothes.

You define you. Not some piece of material.




2. Black is versatile


Black clothes are very practical. They are basics and go with everything.

I had a wardobe full of clothes some time ago. But you know what? I didn’t wear a lot of them.


Simply because they didn’t match!


  • This orange dress will go only with those shoes.
  • That light blue sweater can only be worn with those trousers.
  • This beautiful, yet very unpractical, green clutch bag can only be used with a certain outfit.

Half of the clothes in my wardrobe were not used.


I wore the same clothes every day, the same colours and similar patterns.

When I realised that my favourite clothes were black and got rid of all the rest, getting ready in the morning took me about 5 minutes.

Now, when I buy new clothes or accessories I don’t have to worry if it matches the rest of my things.


So when I decided to buy a violet bag, I knew it would match my clothes perfectly.


My purple bag that goes with everything




3. Black is timeless


Patterns come and go, some colours are in fashion this season but the rest is out.


You buy this beautiful turquoise polka-dot blouse.

  • There is a dress code in your work, so you can’t wear it there.
  • In fact, you don’t know where or when you will wear it at all.
  • So it stays in your wardrobe for months until it is out of fashion. Now you don’t know what to do with it, whether to get rid of it or keep it.

I don’t have this problem.

Black is always in fashion and always will be.


My favourite black bag



4. What to wear today?


This question doesn’t concern me either.


I used to spend a lot of time figuring out what to wear.

It took me too long and I was getting irritated every time.

Now I don’t have to think what to wear.

I make my life easier.


Instead of spending a lot of time in front of my wardrobe, I have time to drink my coffee, talk to my husband or play with my cats.





5. I like black

It’s as simple as that.


I just like black clothes and black accessories.


Some people like pink. I like black 🙂


No philosophy there.



6. I’m not sad and depressed

This goes back to my first point.


Clothes don’t define you and neither do colours you wear.

There is a belief that people who wear black are sad and depressed human beings.

Haha, very funny.

I think that if you know me you can tell that I’m not sad and depressed.

In fact, you can tell this about every single colour people wear.

There is always someone who will perform a personality test based on your clothes.

If you wear red, this means this. But if you wear white, oh this means that.

I am aware that some people express themselves in the way they dress.

But I hate when people generalize and judge others by the way they look.

Not everyone who wears black is sad and depressed the same way not every Pole is a thief.


I don’t have to express myself in my clothes. I do this on my blog, in my projects, through my work, interractions with people or in my daily habits.


I express myself in my projects not my black clothes


7. I don’t have to dress to impress

Some people feel that the only way they can impress someone is by the way they dress.


I’m not that person.


I want to be remembered by the way I behave, not the way I dress.

I am not my clothes.


In fact, if you read this post this means you don’t care about the way I dress. You read this to get to know me as a person.


I’m not a fashion guru, a celebrity or a model. You didn’t come here for my looks.



8. I don’t wear only black

My checked shirt and denim jacket


I have a few statement pieces.


I like my red and black shirt and my denim jacket.
I have a mint bag for summer and purple clutch for special occassions.

Thanks to my basic black clothes, everything matches.



9. Clothes are only pieces of material


I think, that people put too much effort to the way they dress.

We tend to focus too much on our clothes and we judge other people based on what they wear.

Do you really think that’s fair?
Do you think that you know someone just by looking at him?


  • As we all know, people who are the most successful don’t have to impress others with their clothes.

          They have different qualities, they are talented, kind and generous.



Judging people by their clothes is misleading and not fair.

Let’s look at people from the inside, not from the outside.

If you do that, you will see how many people were mistakenly judged by you.




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