From a hoarder to a minimalist. My story.

From a hoarder to a minimalist

How I managed to stop hoarding and became a minimalist.


Hello 🙂

I’m very happy that you found time to read my post 🙂

I want to share my story with you. From a hoarder to a minimalist.


Yes, I was a hoarder. My shelves were full of books. I had a lot of memorabilia, clothes and accessories.


How did I manage to let go of everything and become a minimalist?

Here’s my story.

If you don’t know what minimalism means, read What minimalism is


From a hoarder to a minimalist



Since I was a child I have always been more organised than my peers. I liked order.
But unconsciously I had this rule – Out of sight, out of mind.


On account of this rule the desktop was clean but the drawers were full of stuff. I didn’t know what was in them. I just put everything in the drawers, closed them and my problem was solved. But finding something became almost impossible.


Everything that was deep in the drawers was unused.


I had so many things that I did not remember what I owned. Half of all my stuff was not used.
I wore my favourite clothes, the rest of them were waiting for an occassion which rarely occured.


I used the towels and bedclothes that I liked. The rest was unused.

I had a few face cream containers open, a box of nail polishes which were half used.


I made piles of documents. Old school books, my notes from the university, letters.


From a hoarder to a minimalist documents


There was one pile next to another. Everything that I used was organised but the rest was just lying in the cupboards. The days, months, years passed and nothing changed.


I was procrastinating and saying : ‘I will take care of it some other time’. And ‘some other time’ never came.


Tidying was not the only thing I put off. Also my plans and dreams were delayed.


I didn’t throw anything out because I thought I could use it some day …

I was not able to let go not only of my sentimental items but also the things I was not using. I surrounded myself with stuff I didn’t need. But I still had the feeling that I needed a new bag, a book or a new nail polish.


From a hoarder to a minimalist cosmetics



The amount of stuff was increasing and nothing was thrown out. I had no empty space in my cupboards.



Everything changed when I was going to move from my childhood home to a new one.
I started to pack all of my things. When I was taking everything out of my drawers and shelves I began to feel terrified. I started to see how many things I had hoarded. Where did all the stuff come from?

It was a breakthrough.

When I started taking everything out my room looked like this:

From a hoarder to a minimalist

I was taking everything out of my cupboards, shelves and drawers. Then I opened my wardrobe. Endless amount of stuff.


That was the moment. An epiphany.

What did I need all that stuff for?


I made a decision. I had to change something.


I started to throw out everything that was old, broken or that I didn’t use.
I let go of everything that had no value to my life.
Things I didn’t even remember I owned or where I got them.
Too small, worn out, unused clothes.
Gifts and memorabilia.


From a hoarder to a minimalist pictures


Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t throw everything out in one go. It is still a process.


This breakthrough took place almost two years ago but I still find things that I need to let go of.
And you know what? I really let them go. Not in ‘some time’ but now.

  • When I don’t use something I just let it go.
  • If I get a gift that I won’t use, I give it to someone else.
  • My sentimental items fit into one small box.
  • The only books that I own are the ones which I love and reread.
  • I let go of all the rest.


This is the process which lasts till now.


I did not get back to being a hoarder and I never will.


Minimalism gives me a peace of mind. I wish the same to you 🙂


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Emilia 🙂



Do you identify yourself with my story?
Did you have or do you still have the same problem?
Maybe you had no idea that you were a hoarder until you read this post 😉
Do you know someone who has the same problem?
Do you think that hoarding is not an issue in your case?
Are you already a minimalist?

Please share 🙂



  • Are you a hoarder? Do you know someone who is one?