Get inspired and motivated. Part 2.

get inspired

What to read or watch to get inspired and motivated.


Hi! 🙂

Today I give you the second instalment of my inspirations.

I enjoy reading, watching and listening to inspiring things.

Everything that brings value to my life is very important to me.


Every day I spend at least 30 minutes to educate, self-improve or learn something new. Why do I do it? Read it here: How to achieve personal growth.

Also if you want to know more, read about the importance of self-improvement.


If you want to see more inspirations, go to Get inspired part 1.

Get inspired and motivated. Part 1.


Let’s begin and get inspired.


1. TO READ: ’19 Traits of Negative People’ (2 minutes)

I have wrtitten about Tom Corley in my previous inspirations.

He is an author, a speaker and media contributor. He is the author of ‘Change you habits change your life’, ‘Rich habits’ and ‘Rich kids’.

I higly recommend this short article that he wrote. It shows that negative people are all around us.

You will learn how to spot a negative person and why they are so dangerous.

You must read it if you want to be happy in life.


Negative people are those who drag you down, who waste your valuable time. They destroy your dreams.

If you want to avoid them, you must learn about their traits.



*Validation (16 minutes)

This short film is amazing. If you are interested in relations between people, you have to see this.

It is related to the article shown above.


This short film is about negativity and how it can affect people around us.
Get inspired and take those 16 minutes out of your day to watch this film. You won’t regret it.


*Invest In Yourself (4 minutes)

This short motivational video will make you rethink your life.

How do you spend your time? This tells you who you are.


Watch this video right now.

Do you want to change something in your life? This video may help you.



One of my favourite quotes. Something to think about.

get inspired



That’s all for now. Do you like my recommendations?

What do you think of them?


Do you have anything that inspires you?

Let me know 🙂



Bye for now,

Emilia 🙂