Gift ideas for bridesmaids. What I got.

gift ideas for bridesmaids

Great gift ideas for bridesmaids.


I’d like to show you what I got from my lovely friend as a bridesmaid’s gift.

It’s so special for me and I want to share it with you.


Maybe you will find it useful. They are great gift ideas for bridesmaids.


1. DIY Card

gift ideas for bridesmaids


It’s so pretty!

And the best part is, that my lovely friend Sylwia made it by herself (with her fiance’s help:))


It’s a crochet and it’s absolutely amazing!


gift ideas for bridesmaids

Inside, there is something private so I won’t be sharing this.

But at the end there is a sentence:
gift ideas for bridesmaids

And of course I will!


This card is so personal and made with love.


If you make something like that for your bridesmaid, she will be overjoyed 🙂


2. A gift box

I also got this beautiful box.


gift ideas for bridesmaids

gift ideas for bridesmaids
And inside there were:

  • a sash with a word ‘bridesmaid’ on it


  • a candle

gift ideas for bridesmaids


  • a small bottle of Baileys

gift ideas for bridesmaids


And there was bunch of black tissue paper inside as a filler.

gift ideas for bridesmaids
Two other bridesmaids got different candles and different alcoholic beverages.

Again, those gifts are so personal and so thoughtful.

My friend took time to prepare this box for me and I’m so grateful 🙂
Those gift ideas for bridesmaids are really amazing.

They come straight from the heart. They are sincere.
If your bridesmaids or your bridesmaid gets these gifts, they/she will be so surprised and overjoyed.
Those gifts are a real proof that your friend appreciates you and really wants you to be her bridesmaid.

It’s a wonderful feeling:)
So, if you are looking for perfect gift ideas for bridesmaids, here they are.

Take time to prepare them and I’m certain that your bridesmaids will be so thankful.



P.S. Sylwia and Joe, you are amazing and you’re such great friends:) Love you! 🙂



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I’d like to join 🙂



Until next time,

Emilia 🙂