Good music pt.1. What makes my soul happy.

Good music part 1

The music I like and recommend. Part 1.


For every one of us the term ‘good music’ means something different. I will show you the music that I like and recommend:)

I will present to you my favourites from time to time.

I hope, that you will find something for you:)


I love music. I listen to it every day.


What do I use to listen to music?



This is the best thing for me.

  • I can listen to my favourite music on every device without downloading it illegally.
  • I can create playlists with my favourite music and listen to it everywhere.
  • Spotify is a music player. It means that you can use your computer or a phone and listen to your favourite music at the same time.
  • Thanks to Spotify you can listen to different kinds of music. You can get to know new artists. If you want to listen to music but you don’t know what you can listen to, spotify is a great help.


I highly recommend Spotify:)



I discovered it some time ago.

It is a great tool that helps discover new bands.



I know that some of you listen to music on YouTube.

I don’t do that though. Because the video is downloading it uses a lot of Internet transfer on your portable devices. Furthermore, if you want to write a message on your phone you have to turn the YT off. You can’t listen to music in the background.


Good music.

Now my recommendations:)


  1. alt-J „Breezeblocks”. Genre: Indie rock, alternative rock.


If you have never listened to this kind of music I recommend it to you. This is my favourite kind of music. Alt-J is only an example. Indie rock is very elaborated. Maybe you will like it too:)





2. BORNS „American Money”. Genre: Indie pop, psychedelic pop, alternative rock.


I can listen to this song over and over again. It stole my heart right from the start and is still among my absolute favourites. I recommend also his other songs, get to know them because they are worth it.



The video is lovely:)


3. Sun Jam “Escape humanity”. Genre: Hard rock with the elements of blues, funk and progressive music, 70’s and 80’s style.


I highly reccomend to listen to their music. Sun Jam is very close to my heart. My friends Kalina and Dawid form this band. They write lyrics and create music all by themselves. I recommend them not because they are my friends.

I recommend them because they have a great potential, they are talented and create good music.

If you like 70’s or 80’s music then you will like this band:) Even if you are not familiar with this kind of music, listen to Sun Jam. They create music that takes you back to 70’s and 80’s. And they are very good at it:)


And here’s Sun Jam’s performance in London in January 2017. It was a great pleasure to see them live 🙂



This is all for now. Good music part 1.

I hope that you found something for yourself.

If you like something, let me know.


Until next time,

Emilia 🙂


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