Have more time in a day.

How to have more time in a day

How to organise your time effectively and be more productive?

Do you feel that your days are going by incredibly fast?
Have you lost control of your time? Do you have a feeling that another day has gone by and you haven’t done anything productive?
Do you claim that you do not have time to read, exercise or meet with your family?


Take a look at your daily habits !

Being aware of your habits is essential to organise your time effectively.

We all have good and bad habits whether we know it or not.

We have to be honest with ourselves and think about our days. What do they look like?

Is every minute of every day as effective as possible?
Can we change something? If so, then what? What can you do to have more time in a day?


Being aware of your own habits helps you define which of your daily activities consume your time in a non-effective way.

When you take time to think about it you will realise, why your days have been going by like crazy.

We do our habits unconsciously. We do not know how much time we spend on doing different acitivies everyday. We do the same things over and over and they become our habits.
How many hours a day do we spend in a non-effective way when instead we could finish a project, take up a hobby or learn something new?

It is essential to think deeply about your daily habits and answer these questions:

  • In my opinion, which activities waste my time?
  • If I can change these activities then how can I do it?
  • What things occupy most of my time?
  • What can I do to have more time during my day?

Are you sure that each of your days is productive? Can nothing be changed? Have more time in a day !

Think again.

Emilia ­čÖé


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