How to organise grocery products.

How to store grocery products

How to organise, store and arrange groceries in your kitchen.


I get questions about organising grocery products. You ask how to store things like pasta, rice, flour and herbs.

I’m here to help.

I’ll show you how I organise grocery products in my home.

Maybe you’ll find it useful. This works for me and my husband. I hope that it’ll also work for you:)

Let’s go! How to organise grocery products.


1. No original packets

How to organise grocery products


I don’t like keeping things in their original packets. Why?


  • It gets messy

When you open a bag of flour you have to close it very well, otherwise flour will spread all over your cupboard.

And who likes taking everything out to clean the inside of a cupboard? No one. And hardly anyone does it. Because it’s too much work.


  • A lot of open bags and packets equals chaos

You just put everything inside without any order.

One thing over the other.

Your cupboard is full and when you open it, everything just falls out.

How to organise grocery products


  • A messy cupboard costs you money

Ok, you have soo many products. But do you have an open bag of pasta?

You are not sure because you have no idea what products you have. You wonder if you still have that pasta you bought a month ago.

And you will never know unless you take everything out and check. But nobody has time for that. So you just buy another packet of pasta.

How to organise grocery products


Can you see now how it affects your home bugdet?


  •  Many packets = waste of time

When you are cooking or baking something, is it quick and easy?

Or are you constantly looking for something?


‘I could swear that I had oregano somewhere!’

‘Where is that baking powder?’

‘Ok, I bought this cake mix last week, where is it?


Wouldn’t it be easier if you had everything at hand?


2. Glass jars/containers

So how do I organie my grocery products?

I use glass containers.

How to organise grocery products

This is a picture of my cupboard with grocery products.



  • They are clear so you can see what’s inside.
  • They close quite well so your grocery products will last longer.
  • A cupboard with glass jars inside is neat.
  • Your cupboard is clean and nothing falls out.
  • You see what you have and what is running out.
  • You don’t buy products that you already have.
  • Everything is in sight so you don’t have to waste your time while cooking.
  • They are long lasting (if you don’t break them;))
  • You buy them once and you can use them over and over.
  • You can even use jars that were used for different products: jam, gherkins, mushrooms etc.


  • They cost money.

But if you do your research you can find them real cheap.

If you go into different shops and take a look, you can really find them not that expensive.

You don’t necessarily have to buy glass jars. Wash those jam jars and use them as storage containers.

  • They take more space than paper bags and packets.

That is true. But it’s the price I am willing to pay for a well organised cupboard.

  • You have to take some time to put produce into a jar.

Yes, you have to take some time to put everything into jars but let’s be honest, it doesn’t take that much time.

  • Only some amount of products will fit into jars.

That’s true. I put some into the jars and the rest goes into my pantry.

How to organise grocery products

And when the product in the jar is running out, I make a refill.

How to organise grocery products
As you can see there are so many advantages of using glass jars. And for me those advantages outrun disadantages.


3. Herbs and spices

Again I don’t like storing my herb and spices in their original packets.

It always gets messy.

We keep them in small containers. They are made for herbs and spices but you can use any small container.

How to organise grocery products


4. Labels

As you can see I use labels on my containers.

This makes everything easier.

How to organise grocery products

You can use a piece of paper or a sticker and write what’s inside.

You can even use adhesive tape. Stick a piece on your jar and write on it with a permanent marker.

How to organise grocery products


5. Most often used

Those grocery products that you use the most should be easily accessible.

If you use rice almost every day, don’t put it on the highest shelf.

Everything should be adjusted to your needs.


As you can see, we have 3 shelves.

Herbs and spices are used most frequently that’s why they are on the bottom shelf.

How to organise grocery products


Then we have rice, pasta, muesli which are often used as well.

How to organise grocery products


On the top shelf there are products that we rarely use such as flour and baking powder.

How to organise grocery products


How to organise grocery products? Based on your needs.


That’s all I think. Now you know how to organise grocery products.

I really hope that you’ll find my methods useful:)



Until next time,

Emilia 🙂