How to organise my home.

How to organise my home

How can you organise every cupboard, shelf or a drawer?

How to organise my home in a functional way?


Read here why is it worth to organise your surrounding?

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Our surroundings reflect our state of mind

Now you know why it is worth to organise your surrounding. Do you wonder how to do it? Where to begin? How to organise my home?


Organizing is not that complicated. All you have to do is remember the order written below.


This is the method I use. It works every time.

Use this every time you organise your space and you will see how easy it is.



1. Take out
2. Sort
3. Purge
4. Assign

You can use this method in every area you want to organise.

Before you begin, make a lot of space. Floor, a bed or a big table will be perfect. Do not be under a delusion that a small table will suffice.



How to organise my home?


1. Take everything out

It is very important. You will see how many things you own. You may be surprised.


How to organise my home


When you pack for the trip or move out, you find out that you own so many things.
They do not fit in your bags or the boxes you prepared. Is it familiar? I had the same experience. It was then that I realised that it was high time to change something.

First take EVERYTHING out from your cupboard, shelf etc. If you organise your counters do the same thing. Take the next step only when you finish taking everything out.


Remember that shuffling things around is not organising. This will happen when you omit this step.

Lay everything out and make it accessible. Every object must be visible. Do not put one thing on the other.


2. Sort

When everything is taken out it is time to sort.

Create CATEGORIES. They will vary depending on the area you are organising.

Divide all the objects into groups according to their use or utility.
For example if you organise your pantry, you can make categories like Jam, Honey, Pasta etc.


How to organise my house


Your categories must be practical and personalised.
If you have no idea how to name your category, use your imagination. Think of a connotation. You can name it ‘Picnic’ if you have many disposable cups and plates.


3. Purge

Take a look at every category.

Get rid of everything that is broken, out-of-date, worn out, that you don’t use or have multiples of.


How to organise my house


Now you will see how many open containers, duplicates or clutter you own.

We buy too many things because we do not remember if we already have them or not.


I am aware of the fact that this step may be the most difficult of all. Especially when you have to get rid of your memorabilia. I had the same problem. I managed to get past it and now getting rid of my items is not so difficult.

Even if you toss one or two things, it will still be a great progress.

I will write more about how to get rid of things and what to do with them in my future posts.



It’s time to put everything back into your cupboard/ drawer / shelf.

Assign your items according to the given categories.
Boxes or baskets will be a great solution to do that.


How to organise my house
If you don’t have any boxes or other containers, use cardboard boxes or empty food containers.


If you don’t put all the items into boxes and just throw everything in without any order, your cupboard will soon be messy. Do not omit this step. Otherwise all your work will go to waste.


Use empty tea containers to store small things and cardboard boxes for bigger objects.


I will write more about assigning your categories in my future posts.



Well done! Now your cupboard/ drawer/ shelf is organised functionally. Now you know the answer to your question: How to organise my home?


You know what you own, how many items you have and what is missing.
Now when you go shopping, just take a look at your shelf and you know what you need to buy.



If you still think that organising is too difficult for you or you have any questions, let me know 🙂
I will be glad to help 🙂



Have you already organised your drawer, cupboard or your wardrobe? Send me a photo ! I’m anxious to see the results.


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Emilia 🙂