How to tidy up quickly. My tips.

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My tips on how to tidy up quickly.


Tidying up is not that difficult. As long as you use effective methods.

I’d like to tell you how I manage to tidy up quickly.

It’s really easy.

Thanks to these methods tidying up takes me only about 10 minutes.

Let’s begin. How to tidy up quickly.



You come home and your place is a complete mess. You have quests coming over for dinner. In half an hour.


how to tidy up quickly


  • Do you give up and leave things as they are?
  • Do you try to tidy up but give up after a few minutes?
  • Maybe you cancel your meeting.

Here’s what I do.


1. Prioritise

I have written about priorities before. It’s very important to recognise them.

Tidy only those areas in which your quests are going to stay.

A living room, a bathroom, maybe kitchen. That’s all. You really don’t have to tidy up a spare room if no one is going to go in there.


2. Take a big basket

Ok, so you have already decided which rooms you should tidy up quickly.

But how can you do it?


  1. Take a big basket / a box / a bag etc.

2. Now go through every area that you chose to tidy up quickly. With your basket at hand.

3. Put EVERYTHING that shouldn’t be there in your basket.


For example in your living room there are: an empty mug, an old newspaper, a spoon, a pen, a dirty t-shirt etc.

Those things are clearly in the wrong place.

Put all of them in your basket.


How to tidy up quickly


3. Put in place

Now it’s time to take everything where it belongs.

An empty mug and a spoon go to the kitchen. An old newspaper – trash. A pen- your desk. And a dirty t-shirt goes into the laundry basket.

This solution saves a lot of time.

Think about it. When you tidy up as always, you go into the living room, take a mug, go to the kitchen, leave it there and go back to the living room.

You take another thing and do the same. So in fact you are just wandering around the house, picking up items and carrying them around.

This takes a lot of time!

My method saves time.

Instead of walking around the house carrying one thing at the time you tidy up many things at once.


P.S. Even if you don’t manage to put everything in place before your guests arrive, you can leave it somewhere until later (But remember to take care of it and put everything in place sooner or later)



That’s it. Those are my tips on how to tidy up quickly.

Believe me, a method with a basket is great and makes tidying up quick and easy.

Give it a try.


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Talk to you soon,

Emilia 🙂