Last minute gifts. My ideas + a gift for you :)

last minute gifts

What to give when you need last minute gifts.


Ok, so Christmas is round the corner. Your mum’s birthday is tomorrow. Your friends’ anniversary is coming. Someone has invited you for a child’s birthday.

And you still don’t have presents for everyone.

You didn’t have time to buy them, you procrastinated or you simply have no idea what to give.

Maybe I can help;)


Here are my ideas for last minute gifts.


Those ideas will also be perfect if you don’t want to buy items as gifts.

When someone says that he or she doesn’t want or need anything, you can also use these last minute gifts ideas.


But first, read my post about gifts and think about gift giving. Gifts. To give or not to give.


Let’s begin.


1. Give your time

Vouchers to spend time with you.



They are great gifts.

I am a huge advocate of giving someone your time instead of things.


You don’t need to make time vouchers.

I created them especially for you.


In time vouchers, you can offer your help with something. You can give someone the experience of cooking or shopping together. There are so many ideas.


You can download them, print the ones you like and want to give.

Download time vouchers

  • Fill them in.
  • They are black and white so you can even draw something on them.
  • Put them in a bag or put ribbons on them.


And your gifts are ready!

Perfect, isn’t it?!

You’re welcome 😉


2. Bake

last minute gifts bake


If you like baking, bake a gift for someone!

Maybe you have your favourite and proven recipe. Use it.

Bake some cookies, cakes, cupcakes and put them in a nice box or a bag. Add ribbons and voila!


3. Shopping vouchers

last minute gifts vouchers
Clothes shops, sports shops, bookshops etc. They all have vouchers that you can buy and give someone as a gift.

With your voucher this person can buy whatever he or she wants, needs or likes.

You don’t have to worry what item to buy. People will pick gifts themselves.



Those are my last minute gifts ideas.

If you use them, let me know.

Also, if you have your own ideas, share them with us.


Join our group 🙂


Bye bye,

Emilia 🙂