Less is more. Advantages of minimalism.

advantages of minimalism

What are the advantages of minimalism?

 advantages of minimalism


Today I’d like to tell you more about minimalism.

It has so many advantages that I want to share them with you.

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Let’s go:) Advantages of minimalism.


1. No clutter

advantages of minimalism


When you only have things that you need, use and like, you get rid of clutter.

What is clutter? All the the things that you have but don’t use at all. Things that you keep just for the sake of it.

Old papers, memorabilia, used pens, broken gadgets etc.

You really don’t need clutter in your life.


2. No clutter = more space

advantages of minimalism


When you throw out everything that you don’t need, you have room for the things that you use.

Drawers which were full become empty. Now you can keep your favourites in there. You suddenly have room for all of your necessities.


3. Neat space

advantages of minimalism


You have room for everything so you don’t have to keep your things on the shelves. Your space becomes more peaceful and neat.

You have less visual clutter.


4. Everything has its place

advantages of minimalism


When you find homeless a home you assign every item to its place.

And when you do this you know exactly where you can find certain item.

You don’t have to look for it. You don’t waste your time on searching for things.


5. Less tidying up

advantages of minimalism


The more things you have the more time you need to tidy your space.

Imagine if you only had three things on your shelves, wouldn’t it be easier and quicker to clean?


6. No broken things

advantages of minimalism


You have to write something quickly. You go to your desk and look for a pen. But all of them are not working. Is it familiar?

Let’s take another example. You want to change batteries in your clock. First you have to find them and when you do it turns out that they are not working.

Thanks to minimalism you don’t own broken things. You just throw out everything that is not working and can’t be fixed and replace it if needed.


7. No attachment

advantages of minimalism


Minimalists do not attach themselves to things.

When you get rid of things you begin to understand that those are only items. They don’t have friends, families, feelings and memories.

WE attach feelings to things.

And that kind of attachment is not healthy for you. For your psyche.

We all know about hoarders. People who are afraid of getting rid of things. It’s not ok.


8. Use things

advantages of minimalism


Minimalism teaches us to love people and use things. Not the other way around.

Items are there to be used. They should have purpose and serve us.

You shouldn’t love your new phone. You can like it, it can be useful for you. But it’s not something to love.

People are there to love. Not things.


9. Easy to throw away

advantages of minimalism


When you have no attachment to items and you understand that they should serve you, it is easier for you to throw them away.

If your headphones are broken and there is nothing you can do about it, get rid of them. Don’t put it in your drawer and keep it forever. What for?

A broken item doesn’t have any purpose. If you can’t use your phone, why do you need it?


10. People are not in things.

advantages of minimalism


One of the greatest advantages of minimalism is understanding that people are not in things.

What does it mean? When you get a gift which you don’t like or need, you are able to get rid of it. You don’t feel sorry and there are no hard feelings.

It’s just an item. Not a person.

If you’d like to know more about it, read: Unwanted gifts. What to do with them.


11. Quality over quantity

advantages of minimalism


You recognise value.

Minimalists would rather spend some more money on the things they need than just buy ten things for the same price.

It’s better to have one great item than ten which are just ok.


12. Let it go.

advantages of minimalism


When you adapt minimalism into your life you learn to let it go.

I don’t just mean items. Also feelings which don’t serve us.

You learn to let go of anger, jealousy, disappointment and much more.

You feel free.


13. Less clothes = more time

advantages of minimalism


Let’s face it, we all have to many clothes.

I can bet that you have your favourites which you wear over and over again.

So why do you need so many of them?

If you had less clothes, you would have more time in the morning. You wouldn’t have to prepare your outfit for the next day and waste your time in front of your wardrobe every morning.

If you want to know what I wear and why my clothes are mostly black, read my post Black clothes. Why they are my favourite.


14. Travel light

advantages of minimalism


When you have less clothes you don’t have many things to pack when you are travelling.

You just take the essentials and the things you use all the time.

The same with cosmetics. You have your favourites and those are the things you take with you.

Your suitcase will be lighter and your spine will thank you for it.


15. The value of a true gift

advantages of minimalism


Another one of the greatest advantages of minimalism is knowing the value of true gifts.

Not items but experiences.

You can read more about it in my post: Gifts. To give or not to give.

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16. Doing things you love

advantages of minimalism


Minimalists do things that bring them joy.

Things that have value for them.

There’s no point in doing something that you hate. You won’t be good at it. People will notice if you hate your job.

You don’t like cooking but you still do it. Your family will see that. You can’t hide it.

So maybe you could stop doing things you hate and start doing things you love instead?

I don’t like cooking. I found recipes that work for me, which are easy. For example my Hot Chocolate Recipe 🙂


17. Things can’t bring happiness

advantages of minimalism


When you become a minimalist you understand the feeling of true happiness.

You see that even when you don’t own the latest gadget you still can be happy. Even happier than before!

You understand that things can’t bring you true happiness. They bring temporary joy but not happiness.


18. Collect moments not things

advantages of minimalism

Photo: Iza

When you realise that items won’t make you happy you invest your time and money in different areas of your life.

You buy experiences.

You travel, make your dreams come true, learn to play an instrument, read books, learn how to draw. Anything you want.

You focus not on items but moments of your life.

You want to make your life meaningful.


19. No temptations = more money in your pocket

advantages of minimalism


Minimalism helps you save money.

You don’t buy things you don’t need. You don’t buy on sales just to buy something.

You are not tempted by buy one get one free. 50% off doesn’t bother you.

You just don’t feel the need to buy something when you already have everything you need.

It can repair your home budget.


20. Learn to save money

advantages of minimalism


If you want to buy something you learn to save money to buy it.

You learn to be patient and wait for your dream item.

Because you already recognise the true value of things and quality over quantity, you want to save money to buy something better.

If you want to have only one pair of winter boots you save money to buy better ones. You don’t need a pair that will fall apart in the middle of January.

It’s as simple as that.




This is all I can think of right know.

As you can see there are so many advantages of minimalism.

After reading them do you still think that minimalism is something stupid, trivial and not necessary?

You don’t have to answer it right know. Just think about it.



What advantages of minimalism can you think of?

If you have any other ideas, let me know 🙂 Write a comment or message me on Facebook 🙂



Bye for now,

Emilia 🙂