Me, the not so Perfect Housewife.

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I am not perfect and I’m happy about it:)

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I hope that you will find this post interesting.


I was inspired to write this post by my friend Marta 馃檪

I would like to tell you what my life really looks like. I am far from being a Perfect Housewife.


I will show you my methods on how to have an organised home without doing any hard work 馃槈


The truth will be revealed 馃檪

If you read my blog you may think that I am a perfect housewife. Maybe you think that everything is always in order and that my house is always so perfectly clean. You couldn’t be more wrong.

I also have days when I don’t want to clean.
When I would rather do anything else than cleaning.


For example:

Good music part 1


christmas films


Get inspired and motivated pt 1


3D Paper snowflake


hot chocolate


  • read a book


  • play with my cats

my cats


My home is not always perfect and ready for quests.


What is the truth?

The truth is I like order. I like my home to be clean and organised. I like taking care of my home, tidying, throwing things out, organising drawers.


I feel great in a minimalistic home where there is no clutter. I can relax and work best in a clean area.
Where everything is in place.


my home


But this doesn’t mean that I am obsessed with cleaning and tidying. That when my flat is not vacuumed I cannot sleep and when something is out of place I can’t relax.

If you came to my house uninvited you would see that my flat looks just like everyone else’s who doesn’t spend the whole day cleaning.

My flat gets dirty just like yours does, after cooking, my kitchen is a mess just like yours is, my bathroom needs to be cleaned just like yours does.


We have got two cats.

Our friends often ask us if our cats make a mess. Of course they do! But so do we, everyone makes a mess in their homes and there is nothing strange about it.


When you use your home for living not only for quests, there will be mess every day.


It is very important to realise it and don’t be angry every time you need to clean. The truth is that if you want your home to be tidy, you have to clean every day.


I sometimes have a feeling that our cats hide their toys under the furniture to play with later. Because I always find some random things on the floor. If you vist us and step on a piece of pasta, a straw, a recepit or a nut, you now know who is responsible for all of this 馃槈


Our cats are members of our family and we treat them equally. They have the same rights as family members as we do. We let them play even when this means that they make a mess. This is not a problem for us, we clean after them. We let them be themselves and they purr or keep us warm in return.

Lily and Ivy

Ivy & Lily ^ ^


Our everyday life.

We think that our flat should serve us not the other way around.

  • We don’t forbid ourselves from doing something just because the floor might get messy.


  • I don’t care when my cats put their toys everywhere. They like to take their food out of their bowls and eat on the floor, I don’t care about it.


  • I am not obsessed with vacuuming, cleaning the floors, washing the windows or sweeping the floors.

the not so perfect housewife

Photo: Pixabay

  • I don’t go around my house with a cleaning cloth searching for specks of dust, I don’t do the white-glove test. Only the Perfect Housewife does that.


  • I hang our clothes to dry in our living room because here we have a room for that. I don’t want to waste my time going back and forth to the drying room which is the basement. And for our cat Lily this is an ideal place to lay down 馃槈


  • When something gets dirty then we clean. We do not play hide and seek with the dust.


  • We clean when there is a need to do that, not because someone tells us to do that.

We are not involved in ‘Everyone cleans their windows before Christmas, so we do too!’.
(It doesn’t matter that there is a snowstorm outside, that you don’t have the energy or that you are ill. Everyone cleans their windows, so we do too! What will your neighbours say when they notice you haven’t cleaned your windows before Christmas?)

To make everything perfectly clear, we do clean our windows but when we have the time and energy to do that 馃槈

  • We want to feel relaxed in our home. When something gets dirty, this is not the end of the world.

the not so perfect housewife

Photo: Pixabay

  • We want our house to be a home not a museum where you can’t touch anything because it may get dirty.


  • We do not spend a lot of time every day to clean our flat. We don’t want to do that.


  • For us cleaning must be quick and effective. Spending half of every Saturday cleaning is not our cup of tea.


Our flat serves us, not the other way around.

There is life in our home and our surroundings reflect that.

A flat should be functional, it should meet our needs.

When my husband decided to exercise he asked my opinion about putting a rack for his weights in our living room. I agreed. We found a room for that and now we have this rack in our home. We do not only have it but it is also used regularly. We had room for that, my husband needed it so it was not a problem for me.

We strongly believe that everything in our home should be of use to us.

  • We don’t own things which are difficult to maintain, which are difficult to clean.


  • Everything that we own is used or serves us in any other way.


  • Furniture has to be easy to clean and fuctional. When we can’t put a coffee mug on the table without any coaster, this is not a table suitable for us.

the not so perfect housewife

Photo: Pixabay


I make my life easier.

Everything that I share with you on my blog I do to make my life easier.

I look for solutions which help me spend as little time as possible cleaning or cooking.

I think about ways to make my life easier.


Minimalism is a great solution for us.



Read my story: From a hoarder to a minimalist. My story.

From a hoarder to a minimalist


We don’t own many things that’s why cleaning is a lot easier.

Thanks to organising tidying is quick and easy.


Read about my method: How to organise my home.

How to organise my home

Cleaning my home is not terrible for me because it is easy!

I have proven methods of tidying my home quickly and easy techniques to keep my home clean.
I will share my methods with you in the future.


The not so Perfect Housewife’s advice:

Tidying can also be easy for you if you spend some time decluttering and organising your house. It is really worth it.

Make your life easier, don’t make it too difficult.


How does the not so Perfect Housewife manage to do that?

  • I do the washing frequently not because I like it. I do it to avoid a basket full of dirty clothes at the end of the week.

the not so perfect housewife

Photo: Pixabay

  • Cleaning the kitchen takes me only a few minutes because everything has its place. I keep my counters as clear as possible. I only have to put everything where it belongs, clean the counters and my kitchen is ready! Believe me, if you clear up your counters cleaning the kitchen will be ten times easier.


  • Cleaning the bathroom takes me even less time than cleaning the kitchen. We don’t keep anything on the washbasin and things on the shelves are as limited as possible. I can clean my bathroom every second day even before I have my breakfast. I only have to clean everything that needs to be refreshed and my bathroom is ready. It takes me only few minutes.


  • We do the washing-up regularly not because we like it. We do it so that we won’t have to wash the dishes for half an hour at the end of the day.


  • We don’t have a lot of knick-knacks on our shelves. We don’t need that and it makes dusting a lot easier.


  • We don’t have carpets on the floors. This helps us clean the stains a lot faster. With two cats this is very useful.


  • We have a box in which we keep our cats’ toys. When we want to tidy all we have to do it put every toy in the box. Easy and quick.


No clutter=order

Someone told me once that my kitchen was so clean and it looked like we were not using it.


But it is very simple: We use our kitchen just like everyone else.

The only rule is that we clean regularly.


We can do that because we don’t have a lot of things.

Organised surroundings peace of mind

I devoted my time to decluttering and organising. Thanks to that now we don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning.


We just put everything where it belongs and our house is tidy!


I could have time to clean everyday but instead I choose to tidy up quick and read a book, write a post or cuddle with my cats.

Owning only the things that we use and well-organised space is the key to a tidy house. How to stop wasting time on searching for things

This is my secert. The not so Perfect Housewife’s secret:


Minimalism + well-organised house = easy tidying

Easy tidying = time for you and your family


A Perfect Housewife?

No, I am not a perfect housewife. If being perfect means searching your house for dust just like Indiana Jones fot the Lost Ark then I am not like that. And you know what? I don’t want to be that person.

I want to enjoy life, feel relaxed in my house, create a good living environment for my family and my animals. I want to work, read books, self-improve and meet with my friends not only tidy my house all the time.


Minimalism and organising my time and surroundings help me achieve that.


I want to share with you everything that is useful for me. I hope that my tips will we useful for you and cleaning will no longer be unpleasant for you. Taking care of my house is not difficult for me. It doesn’t take a lot of time so I don’t feel that I am wasting my time on cleaning.


I have time to live my life.


I am the Not So Perfect Housewife and I feel great about it!


Emilia 馃檪


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