Organise my day better. How to do it.

Organise my day better

How to organise a day to make it better

+ a gift from me to you 🙂



Welcome to my new post about organising your time.


If you read this post, this means that you may have a problem with organising your days effectively.


Maybe you think that you have everything under control.

But when the day ends you realise, that you didn’t do many things you were supposed to do.

You ask ‘How can I organise my day better?’


This leads to frustration. ‘What do I do wrong?


So many people have hectic lives but they manage to control it somehow.


That’s right.


And that’s how they do it.



1. Make a To-Do List

Organise my day better


This is the first step to controlling your days.


Make To-Do-Lists EVERY DAY.


Successfull people do it and that’s why their days are going smoothly.


That’s why they achieve so much. They have definite purposes every single day.



If you want to organise your days better, be more productive and more effective, make to-do lists.


  • Think of the things you have to do that day. Write them down. Everything you should do that day.


  • Going food shopping, ironing shirts, writing an essay, doing laundry, exercising etc.


  • Even if you do almost the same things every day, write them down.


  • Everything you know you should do, you need to do or you have to do.



When you do this you feel more obliged to finish those tasks that day.




2. Prioritise


Now it’s time to choose things that are the most important.


Organise my day better



Remember, you won’t be able to do every single thing.


Even if you think you do, life will get in the way.


Be honest with yourself and choose the most important things for that day.


If you have a deadline to do something, put it first on your list.



If you have problems prioritising tasks, think of the consequences of not doing it.

  • Maybe your boss will get angry if you don’t finish this project.
  • Your laundry basket will overflow if you don’t do laundy today.
  • If you don’t exercise today, you will skip a day and this won’t bring you closer to your goal.



You see what I mean. Consequences.


Don’t choose too many things at first.

Maybe 3 will be enough.


If you take on too many tasks a day, you won’t be able to finish all of them and you will easily get discouraged.


Those tasks that are not priorities for today, you can write on the tomorrow’s list.




3. Don’t procrastinate


Don’t postpone finishing a task for too long, otherwise you may never do it.


Organise my day better


A key to an organised day is to have a list of things to do and to actually do them.


Procrastinating will bring you nowhere.


You will still have to do your task. Only this time you will have less time to finish it. This will make you stressed and frustrated.


Don’t let procrastination get to you if you want to organise your days better.




4. To sum up

How to organise my day better?

1. Make To-Do Lists. Write things to do every day using lists made by Emilia:)

2. Prioritise. Choose 3 the most important tasks.

3. Don’t procrastinate. If you have to do it, do it.




That’s it really. Nothing too complicated.


Now you know the answer to your question: ‘How to organise my day better?’


If you stick to those tips, your days will go smoothly. They will be productive.


You will know what you have to do that day and you will do it.



I am aware that it may not be easy at first.


But when you make it a habit every day and know exactly what you have to do that day, your days will be organised better.


Those are the tips that help me organise my day better.

Now I hope that your days will be organised as well.



My gift 🙂


Now as a reward for reading my post, I have a gift for you!


I created To-Do Lists especially for my readers!   < a happy dance 😉 >


I made them in two versions: In colour (for those of you who like a pop of colour) and in black & white.


You can download them, print as many times as you like and use them every day 🙂


Anyone can download them. You don’t need a dropbox account.



How to download:

1. Click on the To-Do List you want to download.

Colour version.

B&W version.


2. You will be transfered directly to the lists.

3. Click ‘Download’ in the top right corner of the screen.

4. Print your new lists.

5. Use them every day:)



P.S If you don’t want to print the lists and want to use them on your computer instead, you can do that.


Just download PDF-XChange Viewer


You will be able to write on your PDF files without damaging them. You can erase the text and write again.


It’s a great solution if you prefer to go paperless.



That’s all for now. I hope this will help you and that you will find my To-Do Lists useful.

If you do, let me know.


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Leave me a comment or message me on Facebook and tell me what you do to organise your days better.

Maybe you have different ideas and more tips for me and for others.



Thank you for reading.


Write to you soon,


Emilia 🙂