Organised surroundings peace of mind.

Organised surroundings peace of mind

Organised surroundings bring peace of mind.

Let us take a moment to think about our minds. They work constantly without any time to rest.


Our minds deal with:

  • a constant flow of information: media, Internet, our surroundings
  • processing information
  • new ideas
  • mental effort: school, work

As a result our brain is tired and overworked.


Our space reflects the state of our minds. Organised surroundings peace of mind.


  • Mess / clutter = an overworked mind
  • Order / minimalism = a peace of mind

An overworked mind leads to a decrease of our productivity.

A peace of mind increases our productivity.

Ruminate whether your productivity or the lack of it depends on the space you surround yourself with.


When you can’t focus on finishing a task think about your surroundings. When there is a mess tidy up and you will see the difference:)

This is the case with me. Whenever I find myself in a messy room I get irritated easily and I cannot focus. Only when everything is in place my work is effective.

Emilia 🙂


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