Organising a home or office. Where to start.

prganising a home or office


Where to start organising your home or office?


Organising your home or office is not complicated.


Hi, it’s Emilia:)

I want to share my tips with you. They will help you get organised.

I often hear:

‘I don’t know where to begin’

‘I have no idea where to start’

‘It is too difficult and takes too much time’

‘I don’t want to do it’

‘My home is in such a mess that it will take me ages to organise’.


And this discourages you from organising. You don’t even want to begin.

I will tell you how you can get down to organising.

I want to help you organise your home. When you do this, you will make your home a better living space for you and your family.

The same methods can be used in your office or any place that needs to be organised.

Let’s begin:)



1. Realise the advantages.

My first and the most important tip.

You have to understand what an organised home or office will bring to your life.

You have to feel the need to organise.

Organising a home or office is more than just finding a place for everything.


  • It is a peace of mind. Well organised surroundings have a positive effect on our frame of mind and our well-being.


  • It means being aware of what you own and stop spending money on the things you already have.




An organised home has many advantages for us and our family members.

A well organised office has a positive impact on our productivity and increases the effectiveness of our work.

You should really get down to organising. Organising a home or office is not that complicated.


2. Start small.

If you have never organised your surroundings, it can be hard to begin.

But everything is difficult until it gets easy.



You don’t have to do everything at once. Start small.


  • Divide organising into smaller parts.


Start with just one box instead of a few.

Instead of organising the whole kitchen, start with just one cupboard. Instead of tidying the whole desk, organise one drawer. And so on and so forth.

Organising one box or one drawer is still a great progress.


organising a home or office

organising home or office






The picture shows my box with project material inside. Before organising, this box was a mess. There were documents and random sheets of paper inside. It was difficult to find anything. After organising I know exactly what is inside and I only have things that I need.


Organising a home or office is not difficult.



  • Don’t do many things at once. Just start with one area.


  • Organise more often for a shorter period of time.

When you work on too many projects at the same time, you will be tired and you may get discouraged. You will start organising, see that it is too hard and you will leave it. The truth is that you may never get back to organising.


  • Adjust the project to your abilities.

For one person organising the whole wardrobe at once is easy. But others may find it too difficult.


3. Easy things first.

Do not begin with the things you are emotionally attached to.

If you keep your sentimental items, don’t start with them. If you love your books, do not begin with organising them.

  • Start with something that will be easier for you.

Maybe a tea cupboard or a linen closet will be a better idea.


  • Begin with something that you will be able to finish.

If you feel that you are not ready to organise your shoe collection, leave it. Take up something else. There must be something that you can start with. Something that you are not emotionally attached to.


  • Find an area that won’t be too difficult but at the same time organising it will give you the feeling of pride.

Look for a place that you can organise now. Don’t get down to organising areas that you know you won’t be able to finish.

If you know that you will be able to organise the whole wardrobe-do it!

But if you feel that you can only tidy one shelf-that’s also great!

Everyone is different and has an individual pace of organising.


  • Make your goals realistic.



When you organise your first box, a shelf or drawer, you will see how easy it is.

You will see the advantages of organising and you will tidy up the rest of your home or office.


Organising a home or office is a process that can take months or even years.

But it’s ok, it’s not a race. The most important thing is to move forward. Slowly but steadily, starting with easy things first.




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