About me


I’m glad that you came to read my blog:) I hope that you will find something interesting here.

I want to tell you something about myself. Let’s get to know each other:)


My name is Emilia.

I live in the Warmia and Mazury region of Poland. My home town is located in a picturesque area surrounded by forests.


I like living here because I value peace and slow life.


  • I don’t like being in a hurry. I hate chaos, messy life and having a troubled head. But at the same time I like surprises, unexpected trips and long journeys.




Until there is a balance in my life, I am calm. I believe that every aspect of my life is equally important. When I feel that I’m neglecting something I try and focus on this area of my life to make it better.





  • I love animals. I and my husband we have two cats and two lizards (a leopard gecko and a bearded dragon).

Ivy and Lily

Leopard gecko







Bearded dragon Sandy







about me


  • I enjoy spending time with people from different age groups and have valuable conversations. I like children for their spontaneity, teenagers for their individualities and adults for their experiences.


  • I love surrounding myself with people who are talented and creative, who have passions.


  • I value people who are modest and those with a sense of humour.


  • I like spending time with my family and friends but I also enjoy peace and quiet.


  • My nearest and dearest are the most important for me.


  • I like good films. The ones that bring some value to my life. The films that make me laugh, inspire me or make me think. When I don’t have a feeling that I wasted my time waching them.


o mnie


  • In my free time I watch my favourite serials. “Friends” is my absolute favourite. I can watch it over and over and I don’t get bored.


  • I like singing. It doesn’t mean that I can sing 😉


about me


  • I like kaki fruit, pomelo and bananas. Cakes with creamy filling:)


  • I like dancing and swimming.


  • I like myself.


From a hoarder to a minimalist



  • I don’t like intolerance, stereotipes, superficiality, narrow-mindedness, very hot weather, rice and sour fruit.


  • I fight OCD (obsessive-complusive disorder)


  • I have never understood maths, chemistry and physics and I probably never will.


the not so perfect housewife



This is not everything that I want to share with you. I will write more in my future posts:)

Read my blog and I hope that you will find the content useful.


See you soon or better Read you soon,



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