Self-improvement pt 1. Why self-improve every day.

self-improvement pt 1. Why self-improve every day

Why should you self-improve voluntarily?

Is self-improvement important?

self- improvement pat1. why broaden your knowledge
Hello 🙂

I would like to explain why self-improvement is so important. I want to encourage you to broaden your knowledge.

Devote your time every day to learning and you will feel the difference.



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Lack of knowledge is nothing to be ashamed of.

Ignorance means the lack of knowledge, unawareness in a certain area.

Lack of knowledge is nothing to be ashamed of.

Until we are able to admit to ourselves and to other people that we are not omniscient.
When we can say: ‘ I don’t know / I don’t remember / I don’t have the knowledge / I don’t know enought about this topic. But I will read about it and let you know what I think’

Admitting to the lack of knowledge is a great progress.
Not everyone can do this.
If you are or will be able to do that – Great ! I am proud of you 🙂

The problem is when we think we know everything, but in fact we don’t have a clue about a given topic.
Even worse – when we think we are omniscient.
We are clearly uninformed about something but instead of broadening our knowledge we claim, that we are experts in a certain area.
Admitting to a lack of knowledge opens the door to self-improvement. If you claim that you know everything about a certain topic of conversation, you will never understand the importance of self-improvement.


I have to learn voluntarily?

Some people may say:

‘Why do I have to learn voluntarily?’
‘I was made do learn at school, I hate learning’
‘I graduated from university, I have a diploma, I don’t have to learn anymore’
‘I work and I don’t have the time to learn’
‘Why learn if I already work in my profession?’
‘I don’t have to broaden my knowledge. I know everything about this topic’

Everyone should broaden their knowledge, no matter their age, education or profession. Everoyne.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about studying at school or university.

If you have a feeling that your school subjects broaden your knowledge, get use of them.
If your studies improve you, great !

But for most of us learning brings back unhappy memories of school, when we had to cram for tests.

Forget about these unhappy memories, boring lessons and lectures, difficult math exercises and very thick set books.

I want to encourage you to learn voluntarily.

To self-improve.

To broaden your knowledge of topics that interest you, that you would like to know more about.

I am talking about developing your interests.


I have to know everything?

Definitely not.

There is a saying:

‘Knows nothing, who knows everything’

I don’t encourage you to know about everything.


  • Inform yourself about things that you find interesting.

I believe that we all have interests. Even those people who think that they don’t have interests.

Your interests are the topics which you want to explore, which you are curious of.

When you ask yourself: ‘How is it made?’ , ‘What does it mean?’ , ‘Where does it come from?‘. These are the topics you should learn about.


  • You heard something interesting and you want to check if it’s true. You want to have your own opinion.


  • Read and learn everything about your industry, your job.


  • Everything that agrees with your values and priorities.


I want to encourage you to do that 🙂


Why do I have to learn voluntarily?

Self-improvement has a lot of advantages.

  • Knowledge broadens our horizons, brings many opportunities.
  • New approaches to certain topics make us think. They help us verify our knowledge. Maybe we weren’t right about some things?

Self-improvement pt1. Why broaden your knowledge

  • When you self-improve you become a better conversationalist.

You will realise that you are not omniscient and you will stop pretending that you are one.
The more knowledge you gain about a certain topic the more you realise how limited your knowledge really was.

  • You will learn to admit to your lack of knowledge.

There is nothing wrong with being uninformed about something. The problem begins when we don’t want to get informed and we are stubborn about our beliefs.

  • Your arguments will be supported by facts not only by the things you read or heard somewhere and you are not even sure they were true.
  • You will become humble when you realise that you were wrong about many things.
  • You will be open-minded.
  • You will become a valued worker, helpful co-worker and a friend.

People will ask for your advice and your help. They will value your opinion.

  • Maybe you will learn a foreign language which will enable you to travel and talk to foreigners.
  • Maybe you will finally learn how to play an instrument, bake, repair your computer or do many different things which you had thought of learning but never got round to doing.


The knowledge will bring you closer to your dreams.

You will develop in many ways.

Investing in yourself will bring you a lot of benefits.

Inform yourself, educate yourself, self-improve !!!


In my future posts about self-improvement I will tell you how to broaden your knowledge and what are my experiences in this field. I am going to recommend my favourite ways to self-improve and tell you what works for me an why.


Emilia 🙂


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