How to organise grocery products.

How to store grocery products

How to organise, store and arrange groceries in your kitchen. Hello:) I get questions about organising grocery products. You ask how to store things like pasta, rice, flour and herbs. I’m here to help. I’ll show you how I organise grocery products in my home. Maybe you’ll find it useful. This works for me and […]

Well organised home. Advantages.

well organised home advantages

What are the advantages of a well organised home.   Read here about the benefits of a well-organised desk Are you constantly searching for something? Do you tidy your home but somehow there is still mess around you? Are you unable to find anything? Do you wonder where you put your notebook, a hairband, a […]

Have more time in a day.

How to have more time in a day

How to organise your time effectively and be more productive? Do you feel that your days are going by incredibly fast? Have you lost control of your time? Do you have a feeling that another day has gone by and you haven’t done anything productive? Do you claim that you do not have time to […]

Organised surroundings peace of mind.

Organised surroundings peace of mind

Organised surroundings bring peace of mind. Let us take a moment to think about our minds. They work constantly without any time to rest.   Our minds deal with: a constant flow of information: media, Internet, our surroundings processing information new ideas mental effort: school, work As a result our brain is tired and overworked. […]