Tidying a house. How to get it done.

tidying a house

How to get down to tidying a house.


I’d like to give you tips that will help you tidy your house.

Tidying a house doesn’t have to be tiring and long-lasting.

Use my methods and you will see that tidying a house can be easy.

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So, how to get down to tidying a house?

My tips:


1. Plan.

Christmas is coming. When you think about all the tidying you will have to do, you want to go somewhere far far away.

If quests are stressful for you because of all the cleaning, this is a tip for you.

What stresses you the most about those situations is the fact, that you have so many things to do and so little time to do it.


My tip is to plan tidying your house. The same way you plan your holidays or your day.


Sit quietly, take a piece of paper or a calendar. Count the days untill Christmas, the arrival of your guests or any other occassion that you want your house to be clean.


Tidying a house, How to get it done


Write down EVERYTHING you want to tidy.

The living room, bathroom, guest room? Maybe you invited guests for a barbecue and you have to tidy up your garden. You have no idea where the garden chairs are. This is the time to plan everything.


Good planning will help your stress level to decrease.

Don’t procrastinate!


Your guests are arriving into town and you are still in your pyjamas with a cleaning cloth.

You invited friends for dinner. They will be there in 10 minutes and you wash all the floors in your house.

Christmas Eve is tomorrow. You organise dinner for your family. You still have to buy a Christmas tree, decorate it, clean the carpets and wash the curtains.


Why stress yourself… ?

PLAN tidying a house.

This leads to my second tip.



2. Prioritise.

Do you REALLY have to clean everything that you planned?

You invite guests for dinner. Do you really have to clean an attic or a room which no one will see?

Christmas is in a few days. Do you really have to clean grouts in your bathroom?

You invited friends for an evening. Will they really care if the windows are clean?


Think what is the most important to do now. Don’t do anything else.


tidying a house

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I think that some people like to make their lives more difficult.

They take on too many activities and later are surprised that they can’t manage to do everything.

And this leads to the third tip.



3. Smaller parts.

Divide your tasks into smaller parts.

Do you remember that I wrote about it in my post about organising? That’s exactly the same when it comes to tidying a house.

You can’t and you won’t do everything. You may think that you are a robot that can manage to do everything.

The truth is that life can surprise us when we don’t expect it.

Cleaning fluid may run out. Christmas lights may be broken or when you try to hang the curtains your cake may burn in the oven.

Smaller parts.


If you plan tidying in advance, you will see how many days you have until Christmas.

Now it’s time to divide tasks.


tidying a house

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On Monday you can clean the windows. On Tuesday you can wash the curtains and on Wednesday you can dust the living room. And so on and so forth.

Don’t take on too many tasks at once !

If you want to do everything you have to divide your tasks into smaller parts.

Then you will see that tidying doesn’t have to be stressful.



4. Delegate tasks.

Remember, you don’t have to do everything by yourself.

Even if you are a perfectionist, let someone else help you.


Ask your family members for help. The keyword is ASK 😉


As my Mum says: ‘A slave is never a good worker’


Let every family member decide what he/she can do to help. And keep it that way.


tidying a house

Photo: Pixabay

If a family member makes a commitment to do something and he/she doesn’t keep his promise, don’t do their tasks for them.

People don’t want to finish their tasks when they know that someone else will do that for them. When we do someone else’s tasks for them, we teach them how to avoid responsibilities and doing chores. Nothing good can come out of that.


Let other people help you and delegate tasks.

Also don’t better someone’s work. When you do that, next time they won’t be eager to help you.



To sum up.

My tips on tidying a house:

  1. Plan. Write down everything you want to tidy up.

2. Prioritise. Do you really have to do everything

3. Divide your tasks into smaller parts. Something different for every day.

4. Let other people help you and delegate tasks.

When you use my tips, you will see that tidying a house doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore.

You will be able to enjoy Christmas or the arrival of your guests.

You won’t be tired and Christmas time won’t be associated only with tidying.

It will be a time of relaxation, meeting with family and friends. Not only a time of tidying the whole house.


tidying a house


I hope that I helped.


Until next time,

Emilia 🙂


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